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Feedback post!

If I have done any transactions with you (Buyer, seller, GO etc.), please leave me feedback in here!
Thank you! :)

Eglfeedback page, Ebay Feedback, Etsy Feedback

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Lots of stuff for sale!

I just put a post up on niceboots of LOTS of things im trying to get rid of, including lots of shoes and boots.
A few things I didnt really want to part with, but I feel I dont wear enough to warrant keeping.
Please take a look if your interested in alternative clothes, shoes and boots!


I have just put up 3 handmade glass pearl beaded cameo necklaces onto my etsy, please have a look here!

So im trying to make some money yet again!

Dreads for sale on ebay:

And I have dreads for sale on etsy:

I also take dread commissions, just ask me for a quote!


Ebay goodness!

Lots and lots for sale on ebay!
Click for bargains!

I have 30 items for sale! Including dreads, clothes, handmade jewellery, bought jewellery, mini top hats, a corset and LOADS more!!! So please go check it out =]

I need to start saving lots of money for the summer holidays so I can see my Alex every week! <3
Other than that I will start looking for a job soon, I never heard back from Hoburne (BOO.), which is very gutting but oh well! They must not have liked my piecings after all.


Stuff for sale!

Heres some stuff for sale :) Prices do not include postage.

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Ebay goodies!

I have recently put alot of goodies up on ebay for sale! Check it out...here!



Friends Only Journal.

This is a friends only journal, apart from my sales posts. Comment this entry if you want to be a friend!